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May 20, 2015
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Perceptive Marketing

What is perceptive marketing and how is it beneficial?

Perceptive marketing is a very broad topic and can be used to give customers the impression that your company is huge, or that your company is small is and flexible.

On the rare occasion, business owners create the perception that they are smaller than what they actually are. There are numerous reasons:

  1. Tax fraud
  2. To apply for grant funding they usually wouldn’t have access to or
  3. To meet the customer at the point of their need (some customers prefer dealing with smaller companies for social sustainability)

Granted most of these are negative but perceptive marketing has a good side as well. Mostly when you have a small company and want to start supplying the big boys. In our early days, we at Essential Candles would follow this trend as we were approaching 4 and 5 start restaurants.

We would have strict terms and conditions on our invoices and quotes (some fairly long winded as well). At one stage we even had 2 email addresses allocated to me giving the impression that there was more than 1 person working in the company. I would use the second email address to follow up on payments to give the impression that we have a debtors department.

At times this concept boarders ‘unethical’ but some could argue that this is setting a foundation for the company until such time that position can be filled or department made available. They could also argue that it’s the only way to get the attention of the bigger customers. People are generally attracted to success. They wouldn’t trust an advocate driving an old broken Mazda or they wouldn’t have confidence in a motivational speaker that still lives with his/her parents because they can’t afford to buy a house. So in some cases it could be used for good (or even survival). As long as you not taking out excessive debt and violate your values to give others the impression that you made it.

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