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August 5, 2015
The Donkey
August 2, 2016
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Contrary to popular belief, phase 2 on the growth scale of your business journey is always worse than phase 1 (which was the donkey).

Although the donkey didn’t make a profit, he wasn’t indebted. The dog, unfortunately, is at this low point. When I was here, fortunately, I understood that I had to move 2 steps back to propel 5 steps forward and the dog phase was that 1 miserable year I had to do just that.

The dog (pavement special) isn’t the aggressive type; he’s scared because of the position in which he finds himself.

Because of the mixed breeds, it leaves the dog is a state of confusion so he doesn’t know who to listen to, for example, you cannot follow both Richard Branson and Warren Buffets model as they are 2 completely different types of entrepreneurs.

This dog also gets you in a desperate mindset where you only think of the next sale instead of the next 3 years. At this point, people tend to offer big discounts without realizing the implications thereof.

It is usually at this point an entrepreneur has a ‘snap effect’ (read blog of snap effect) and either chooses to leave the business, or ask some serious questions.

Good dogs, tend to stay loyal to their owner (or in this case business) and when to do this (after the snap effect), they start climbing again.

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