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August 2, 2016
The Mule
August 2, 2016
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The donkey phase is usually the starting point of your business journey. At the 6 stages of business growth/development, we identify the characters entrepreneurs typically display at this point in their business and compare them to the associated animal:

The first animal is the donkey: Donkeys are usually underestimated, overlooked but ambitious. Although referred to as humble, they are slow starters but tend to push for speed instead of direction.

Most donkeys are rigid, awkward and stuck in their habitual ways but when attracted by ‘false carrots’, they move aimlessly.

The donkey lacks loyalty and discernment and usually listens to whoever sounds intelligent. The naivety often gets it in trouble and their net asset value is often a reflection of their mindset (low).

The good news for the donkey is that it’s only at the starting point so their mistakes are understood provided they can learn from it.

The best way to move from the donkey phase is to set realistic goals and focus on direction, not speed.

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