The Donkey
August 2, 2016
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The third animal or phase on the road to success is the mule.

Mules are best known for their stubborn nature and in this case, the suborn nature or inability to give up on the business caused them to graduate to just below the profit line.

Although they are not out of the woods, they can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Unlike the donkey and dog, the mule focuses on direction, not so much speed.

The mule understands humility and the dangers of complacency.

It no longer sells from that point of desperation and as confidence starts growing, the mule increases prices as the fear of losing customers subside. In fact they start seeing the increase in sales and ‘respect’ (see blog of business respect and confidence).

Now that the realistic goals are set and the snap effect has taken place, we embark on a huge marketing campaign and sales strategy to get out of the woods completely. (see blogs of marketing, subliminal marketing and sales)

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