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June 17, 2015
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How do you as a businessman spend your time?

Well, for me, it starts at 6 in the morning. I say my prayers then I start with preparing my mind for the day (not checking emails). I start with reminding myself how blessed I am to get to this point and I mention all my accomplishments. If you focus on what you have, you’ll always find that you have more. I then visualize myself being highly successful, healthy, wealthy etc and I then target it to specific tasks for that day. For example, if I have a presentation, I visualize my audience eating out of my hand and me walking out victorious (obviously, the planning takes place well before the time). This is then followed by a healthy breakfast (very important) and I leave the house (dressed smartly and professionally).

In the car, I do my affirmations and declaration (speaking out loud how successful I am) for the power of life is in our tongue so we must speak it. If you travelling by public transport or a car full of people, it will be best to do your affirmations and declarations at home or in the shower.

When at work, spend some time with your staff, motivate and cultivate them to be at their best for the day and get to know them to a point where you can bring the best out of them. Don’t spend too much time doing this (especially if you have more than 10 employees). For more than 20, I’d recommend getting them all in one location and sing a happy motivation song (to lift the energy).

Thereafter, focus on your core function present for that day. Do not check your emails or take any calls or walk-ins (unless it’s an emergency). You must, however, have competent staff to manage everything in your absence. You’ll start seeing that 2-hour projects become 30 min projects, freeing up some time for other work or family (if you choose to leave work early). Have your goals on your toilet door or a visual collage so you don’t daydream about nonsense when sitting in the toilet.

Once done (usually at noon), check your emails, do all you reactive tasks, have your meetings etc. train your staff, customer and friends and family to call you during this time only, not before (unless it’s life or death). On this note, nothing kills time quicker than procrastination and social media so be aware of those time killers as you can never get that time back.

When getting home, it’s family time so is present (both physically and emotionally). Help with the dishes, spend that hour with your kids, enjoy your wife or husband’s company, rub their feet if they had a tough day, read a book (that you can learn from), say your prayers, cuddle and get enough sleep.

You will rest peacefully knowing you spent your time well today and that tomorrow will be just as great (if not better).

Lester Philander

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